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Dr. Hartle is so much more than a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist to me. My mom started taking me to her when I was around 13 for my scoliosis. That was back around 1993. About a year into seeing her I had a kidney stone. Even after I passed the stone I remained sick. I wasn’t able to keep anything down and the doctors kept saying my white blood cells were high. I was in and out of hospitals and seen many specialist who couldn’t diagnosis me. After canceling several appointments Dr. Hartle reached out to my mom to see what was going on. My mom told her and Dr. Hartle had her bring me in right away. Dr. Hartle was able to determine it was my Ileocecal valve with out doing any invasive testing. By the time I left her office I was able to eat again for the first time in weeks and keep it down. I returned to school the next day. Best part, she showed my mom and me how to test if it wasn’t closing right and how to fix it ourselves.

I have continued to go to her to present day. I see her for any ailment that a doctor just wants to medicate me with I have seen her for my allergies, migraines, my sciatic nerve, my sons eczema, my husbands headaches, his arm shaking, the list goes on and on. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have my son now. I was having problems with my menstrual period. My gynecologist said I had early menopause. Dr. Hartle was able to once again determine without being invasive I was having problems with my adrenal gland and that led to my other problems. She gave me specific vitamins and herbs based on what I needed. Within 2 months I was pregnant. My husband and I had been trying for 4 years. I took my son for his first visit when he was exactly one week old.

Right before my son’s 4th birthday we found out he had a birth defect, an impartial vertebrae located between his heart and lung. It’s causing his spine to curve. Since it is a birth defect Dr. Hartle told me she wouldn’t be able to reverse what has been done but is helping keeping it from getting worse.

If she can’t help you she is up front and honest about it. Sometimes my condition warrants several visits but when I’m better she tells me to come back if/when I need to. She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Jessica Hughes

I first met Becky around 1988 after moving here and needed a good chiropractor due to an old sports injury from high school.  I made an appointment with Becky after being referred to her by a neighbor.  I was instantly impressed by her knowledge, her concern for my welfare and her attitude toward my total health.  Becky made it clear that she intended to work with me and my family doctor to ensure a well-rounded and balanced quality of healthcare. Over the years I have become friends with Bruce and Becky and greatly appreciate their professionalism, their friendliness, and their concern.  I have always highly recommended them to friends and family and have yet to hear anything but good reports back.

Thank you Becky and Bruce!


L. Lynn Cain, PE, LEED AP BD+C

My entire family and I have been patients of Dr. Rebecca Hartle since 1989. Dr. Hartle is a caring and talented professional. Over the many years I have been a patient, my needs have changed. Dr. Hartle has always been able help me stay active. I unreservedly encourage anyone seeking chiropractic care to call Dr. Hartle!

Suzanne Geisler

Springboro, OH

For over 20 years Dr. Hartle has been my chiropractor and my essential health care practitioner. With her skill as a kinesiologist (one of only two locally), she has relieved my cervical and lumbar pain and alleviated TMJ pain as well.  I have come to her with a stiff neck, with my back out, with a sprained ankle, with a strained wrist and she has guided me on the road to recovery.  She continually attends conferences to increase her knowledge as a professional and utilizes this training to provide the latest and best care in the chiropractic field.  Thank you Dr. Hartle.

Rita Coleman

It took me a year to find a Chiropractor /Kinesiologist in the Dayton area, and I am so glad I found Dr Hartle. I have benefited greatly from Dr Hartle’s special expertise–she can treat ANY part of the body and is not limited to just the back. The rigors of tennis takes a physical toll and she helps me stay on the court. My husband had a stroke and Dr Hartle helped him loosen up the tight muscles on his affected side and regain range of motion enabling him to continue recovering. We so appreciate the many modalities that Dr Hartle can provide to achieve wellness. She has made a difference in our lives!

Mary Britt

After struggling with knee pain all summer long, and being bounced between physical therapy and doctor’s visits, I was finally diagnosed by my orthopedic with an entrapped saphenous nerve; the pain had kept me from almost all activities including riding my horse, and made even walking difficult. When he told me that manual manipulation was the only way that I could relive my pain, I called Dr. Hartle immediately. At my first appointment the pain was so strong that I could hardly touch my own knee, but after she worked on me, by that evening the pain had reduced by at least 75%. After only two more appointments I was entirely pain free, back to riding, and able to do all of the daily activities I had been struggling with. I only regret that I didn’t think to call Dr. Hartle earlier– she fixed in a matter of weeks what it took my orthopedic three months to figure out. In the future, I will certainly be seeing her first for any kind of knee pain!

Greta Smith

PhD Candidate • Graduate Assistant • Department of English • Miami University